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The Power 
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Travel and Tourism is our passion.



Making Connections

One Partner @ A Time

Events and Retreats

Thinking of hosting your own retreat but not sure where to start. Let Webkinex do all the leg work for you. We can plan, host, and fill your next retreat.

Team Building

Webkinex helps manage flights bookings, transfers, excursions, accommodations and more for your entire team, even if your team is fully remote or located around the world.

Retreat Theme and Execution

We can help you curate the perfect theme for your retreat. We will work out every detail while working closely with you to make sure your retreat stays authentically your own.

Business Planning

Need direction? If you work in the travel, tourism, and wellness sector, we can help.  From branding to social media we'll help you map out your game plan

Website Development

Need a new website? Need to freshen up your current website.  We will work with you to get a perfect flow to help potential clients navigate and find all your goodies.

Marketing Strategy

Some people think if you build a website, people will come... not so much. Once your website is up, you have to maintain a clear and steady direction in order to reach your goals, let us help.

We’re Good with Numbers and People


Years of Experience


Qualified Experts


Clients+ Each Year


Intl. Partners



We only partner with the best

We have a network of industry leaders that we have built strong relationships with over the years.  We have something for everyone.  We believe in synergies and tapping into the best of each of our partners individual talents.

We strive to bring transparency, knowledge, and affordability to each new project.  We work with small and large corporations.  Start ups and those looking to freshen up.

We provide an entire suite of services from websites, apps and digital products to creating the perfect corporate retreat for you and your team.  

Our knowledge of all aspects of the travel industry including technology, gives us an edge unsurpassed.

Let’s Work Together

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