Stay Relevant In A Saturated Travel Market

Digital, digital, digital. We can't stress enough how important it is to embrace the digital revolution. Our two biggest markets in travel right now are Millennials and Baby Boomers. Where Millennials have grown up digital, Baby Boomers have more than made up for the generation gap with all their gadgets. If you aren't digitally marketing to your clients, chances are they will move on to a more convenient service. We hear time and time again that our clients are having a hard time connecting to an engaged audience, customers don't seem to be as loyal as they use to be. The truth is when customers find a convenient digital communication platform, they are more loyal now than they ever have been in the past. So how does a travel agent, whose specialty is booking travel, engage, and become digitally savvy? To start, we suggest you go to your client, don't expect them to come to you. Customer acquisition can be very expensive, especially in the travel market. So what do we mean by going to your client? We mean ENGAGE.

Here are 3 ways to efficiently engage:

1. Facebook - these days it is not enough just to have a page, you have to go out and find groups and forums that relate to your niches. If you specialize in South America, go to forums that are speaking about South America, and share your knowledge and experiences. By default people WILL check you out. They will go to your page, they will visit your website.

2. Don't be "salesie". Just like you your clients are getting tons of emails, tons of mail, tons of ads everywhere they go. What stands out in today's market is knowledge. Pure and simple. People want a piece of your brain. What do you know about South America that they may not? Do you know of a cool little coffee house? How about the best place to eat, or shop. These are novelties, hidden gems. People will love you for it, and seek out your advice.

3. Don't call, text. Believe it or not, phone calls are almost obsolete these days, gone are the days of a million phone calls. If you really want to grab the attention of your client, make it acceptable for them to text you, and get their permission to text them. Everyone, including you has their phone by their side at all times. This gives you a constant portal to your client. SMS messaging is something that is becoming a more efficient way to engage even than email. Everyone wants access to their travel plans right from their phone.

We assure you that if you that if you take just these three things into consideration, you will see an immediate uptick.